While waiting for admission. The story is real – a case…

While for admission. The is a real from my life.In 2013, I was pregnant, the computer gave a high risk of having a child with down syndrome based on my age group, other reasons were not (tests and screenings normal). The doctor, plus the price was three times sent me to the Department of genetics is still the dim light, the eternal problem with Parking, and the fifth floor. The Elevator is for authorized personnel only. In the third of my coming to this place at the door of the office of us, the age of pregnant women, arose a wonderful group of three ladies. Third was first adopted for the pregnant mother, so we are with the second neighbor were the usual chatter one of us is like understanding their situation. The third lady listened, sat down to us and told about your . Her cousin, let it be Larissa, a mother of three adult (one son in the army, the second student and daughter is a high school senior), as a cleaner in the village school (it was in the Kuban). In one day, tightening the bucket of water on the third floor, felt ill, pale, tied up the arc and could not stand up. My daughter saw it, got scared and ran to my aunt – mom is something with the kidneys, she is taken by (an was to the school). Sister sick, all in horror, rushed to a local hospital where kidney woman brought? What the doctor said, “what are the kidneys? Brought in labor from school with contractions, we in the district have sent, we have rozal for repairs”… Relatives in a stupor – no, nor sleep, nor spirit. Then it turned out that Yes, she was pregnant, but I was embarrassed to say and waited until the last minute… Sober! the husband went on a Bender for three days, then took himself in hand and began to prepare for the meeting of his wife and son (healthy baby born)… Our narrator moved on to my own daughter gave birth 20 ago and more pregnancies did not work… After another attempt my husband said that if you become pregnant, will be silent like Larissa, whose son is already five … a miracle Happened, she got pregnant and gave birth to another daughter when the eldest is already 18 old. There was a lot of milk and nursed the baby for a long time, then when the girl was two old, realized that she didn’t feel well, suffered something and to get better start and went to the doctor on reception. Decided that she had a tumor – because we are optimists, just that – once the cancer is transferred. The doctor looked invited the gynecologist. The patient asks – what is there to be so serious? Can – resolve? The gynecologist said that Yes, will resolve in four months the pregnancy was five months, waiting for the boy. In the Department of genetics was together with her husband, zolotozuboy combiner that didn’t know where to sit and how to the half… So here’s the story… don’t know how it ended, because in I was the first and very quickly I was sent to a branch where he gave me his resume to my doctor in the LCD… More than their interviewees I’ve ever seen, hope they are fine.

“I have a friend since kindergarten….

“I have a friend since kindergarten. Chicken on the field, but kind and honest. Divorced. And, as expected, in law and the human conscience owed her half of his property, namely polkvartiry in the city centre. Court. From the former a bunch of angry relatives, and important eminent lawyer in horned-rim glasses with a leather […]

Good day to all! You know, I read different stories about…

good day to All! You know, I read different stories about the “killer doctors”, whether fictional, or taken from the history of the OBS – one woman said. And give me terrible confusion. Why am I in my 25 years of life never doctors are not rude and refused to help? Went to the doctors […]

If possible, anonymous)))I’m always on the side of doctors….

If possible, anonymous)))I’m always on the side of the doctors. Regardless of the monetary equivalent for conscientious experts, this responsible work, often not grateful, alas. The situation: we Have a new neighbor. It’s a small town, so who, how and why it became known quickly. Doctor. Young. Sent him from the North, medical center of […]

Overheard in the tram: two women Talking years…

Overheard in the tram: two ladies Talking, about sixty years. From the conversation it is clear that both are coming from the clinic, because the whole conversation revolves around diagnoses, tests, prescriptions. And here is one lady complains: “I recently in the bag, put things in order, and then a bag full of all sorts […]

History Christinariccin came to us to give birth in…

History Christinariccin came to us to give birth for the third time. And we are confident that she and the third child will write a rejection I once wrote that his “regular clients” are always welcome. Always but not always. The day before yesterday to our Department by ambulance brought Christina. That’s really who we […]

Anonymous only. My mom was diagnosed with HIV….

Anonymously. My mom was diagnosed with HIV. As it turned out, the load 700 000 and 2 cells of its last three Sexual partner minus. About the rest knows nothing and does not communicate how long infected do not know. Learned that by accident when I was in the hospital with pressure. No comorbidities were […]

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