In the mid 00’s I worked on the ambulance…

In the mid 00’s I on the the medic mobile team. Winter, the epidemic of SARS. To all teams: both linear and Bits, and obstetrics – were given to pediatric calls. Delays up to 4 hours. Ora and screaming parents. It does not matter. Come to the call: a Child. Temperature. Not break. In fact: a very serious girl about five old with a temperature of 39, and excited parents. The doctor writes the map. I type “three”. Prick the patient eerily. I a priori mind. But what to do? Girl in silence (jaw clenched) lies face down in the pillow, the lower a little tights. Pop with a fist. Mom Dotes. Put a shot. The kid can’t even make a sound. Girl pulls pantyhose, face still in the pillow. Sit for 15 minutes. Expect ( will understand why). Girl face in the pillow. Recommendations. Going to leave. Mom says, “Honey, what say is necessary? They leave”. Silence five seconds. A muffled voice from the pillow: “@Ki”!!!

“I have a friend since kindergarten….

“I have a friend since kindergarten. Chicken on the field, but kind and honest. Divorced. And, as expected, in law and the human conscience owed her half of his property, namely polkvartiry in the city centre. Court. From the former a bunch of angry relatives, and important eminent lawyer in horned-rim glasses with a leather […]

55 medical facts about the death of Jesus Christ,…

55 medical facts about the death of Jesus Christ, that You may not salespage was invented by the Persians in 300 BC, and perfected by the Romans in 100 BC 1. It is the most painful death ever invented by man, the term “torture” here is more relevant than ever. 2. This punishment was, first […]

What ends up ignoring the recommendations of the ambulance….

Exactly what ends up ignoring the suggestions of the ambulance. It was a few years ago. On the ambulance approached by a young guy about the “wound to the leg. Stepped on a nail”. Paramedic first treated the wound with antiseptic and put a bandage and recommended to go immediately to the emergency room for […]

Thank properly selecting the clinging soul gifts!… Thank

properly selecting the adhering soul gifts! Fine jewelry does not leave indifferent even the most reserved person. Learn more [club118245637|Dr. VOROBEV]More jewelry pieces of gold and silver [club118245637|Dr. VOROBEV] will show your warm attitude and sincere gratitude. The quality is far above the cost: Completely author’s execution from drawing to metal processing. It does not […]

I am a teacher of the medical University. The story I…

I am a teacher of the medical University. The story I told my student. Happened to him as something of a nuisance in the form of sores, referred to as “varicocele”. Bullshit, this may be the cause of male infertility, and therefore requires surgery, which was performed the young man. Standards after the operation is […]

Night shift. Call on the knife. Go together:…

Night shift. Call on the knife. Going alone: I am [the driver] and young, but quite intelligent assistant. Come to the address, he leaves. A few minutes later runs out with a cry: “Dima, open the back, get a stretcher! ” No questions asked, popping up out of the car and open the door. Just […]

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