“I have a friend since kindergarten….

“I have a since kindergarten. Chicken on the field, but kind and . Divorced. And, as expected, in law and the human conscience owed her half of his property, namely polkvartiry in the city centre. Court. From the former a bunch of angry relatives, and important eminent lawyer in horned-rim glasses with a leather portfolio. From the one girlfriend I, in modest jeans and tee shirt. At trial, the relatives conspired long pushed speech, the lawyer shook hastily compiled retrospectively by deed of gift. The contract clearly lime but how to prove? I nervously fingered the sheets of the Treaty, searching for something to complain about. Quite unexpectedly the other hand, for the court and even for myself, I asked the only question that entered into a stupor all. – Lord! And where did you get the computer, and the main printer to print the Treaty in 1998??? Lost look, the muffled lowing of a lawyer and won the ! By the way. I’m not a lawyer. I’m a nurse.”(C)

A typical day at the children’s clinic. I ENT….

a typical day in the children’s medical center. I ENT. In the hour of reception of acute patients comes into the office mother and daughter, the girl whines, it hurts. Behind them, paying the door, on the verge of rebellious man: — I do not understand how you then take? Why I am sitting in […]

English medical journals: “the Beard is a nest of germs”….

English medical journals: “the Beard is a nest of germs”. Some of the most prominent British medical journals began a campaign against the surgeons, wearing a beard. A beard is called a nest of germs. If you believe this campaign, the surgeon embarking on major surgery, not shaving the beard, endangering the patient. The news […]

In the emergency maternity ward at a large table,…

Within the emergency maternity ward in a large table next to a nurse sitting woman. A woman dressed in a civil dress with cheerful flowers, a woman having contractions, about every three minutes and the opening 4. It is made in Rozel. The triage nurse fills out the necessary paperwork, a woman quietly being transferred […]

I am a teacher of the medical University. The story I…

I am a teacher of the medical University. The story I told my student. Happened to him as something of a nuisance in the form of sores, referred to as “varicocele”. Bullshit, this may be the cause of male infertility, and therefore requires surgery, which was performed the young man. Standards after the operation is […]

Here is a small cry from the heart. Dear patients, please remember…

Here is a small cry from the heart. Dear patients, please remember about the fact that your doctor, especially the surgeon is not the only and main thing in the success of the operation, in addition to it a lot, if not the main, dependent upon the anaesthetist and theatre sister. So when you want […]

We had at the time…

we had at the time the substation in such a case. He worked with us one old woman, doctor, I will not say the name. The toilets at the substation was cold, and therefore she never visited, all tried. And then suddenly often. We are of course interested. For a long time she was silent, […]

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