Anonymously.I want to ask the doctors whether they have moral…

.I want to ask the ,whether they have the moral right to take away the last hope for seriously ill person?My father is very sick for many ,perecheslyat a whole bunch of his sores will not,I can say one thing,he was of sound mind and memory.Dad endures all and kept the best of their ability.And now, after another survey come bad the tests pass again,even worse.Sent to the city hospital(we region).The doctor,looking for all the help,referrals and tests,gives the father a death sentence,it’s very bad kidney problems stage 5 and nothing can be done.How you can support or alleviate the disease(father or when not complaining of the kidneys,and a year ago he passed the examination, everything was normal)the doctor said that it makes no sense and is not long left to suffer.And all this was said in the presence of the father.Yes, he wrote some prescriptions and dieting,but was not offered admission, or at least further examination.We had SHOCK,we already know that father is very sick and mentally prepared for anything why should it to kill hope?He dropped his hands and the desire to ,talking about death.Of course we are doing everything possible, additional tests,ultrasound tests,but he is no different,his condition deteriorated.I can not understand why did the doctor,because he could simply announce a diagnosis,and all the details to inform us, family.Now what to do,how to support dad?I apologize for the error.The cry of the soul.

I love to read posts about the work of doctors….

love to read posts about the work of doctors. The ones where people’s lives are directly dependent on the professionalism of others. Very respect people who love their work,save lives,despite all the ingratitude on the part saved . My mother was a doctor,35 years in medicine. Talked a lot about work. Yes, and I spent […]

Studying in medical school. In the first year…

Learn in medical school. Within the first year we one of the first introduced the subject “General care”, explaining how to do intravenous injections. Then practiced. Of course , none of the freshmen of patients is not trust, therefore , gave the command to practice on each other – in pairs. Was we have a […]

Five in the morning. Very persistent knocking at the door….

5 in the morning. Very persistent banging at the door. So slow, knowing that in an hour get up for work. The husband, unfortunately, on duty. In the next room snores peacefully on the eve flew to visit my brother. – Open soon!!! Open, on the threshold stands a woman, catches the eye so annoying […]

This story happened about 10 years ago…

this Story happened 10 years ago with the mental health team one of the Suburban substations. To say that they were laughing at arrival with a call – nothing to say. Then told the following case. A call to the village. From history: the middle-aged man abused alcohol for over a year. And then, whether […]

Read about pregnancy and decided to share my…

Read about pregnancy and decided to share my story. Was not allowed to birth unassisted because of retinal detachment. The whole pregnancy went, everything was OK. In all ultrasound all examinations were assured that the child is developing within normal limits. T. K. was not allowed to birth itself offered three options: cesarean, forceps and […]

The men in white coats Music. E. Kolmanovskii St ….

the Men in white coats Music. E. Kolmanovskii,. L. Oshanin Death does not want to spare beauty, No fun, no evil, no cruise, But stand in her way, the Men in white coats. The boys in white coats Here again in her way. And the breath will become smooth, And suffering recede somewhere, Only to […]

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