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Women Vapers: Changing the Vape Culture

Vaping is increasing in popularity today. People have used vaping as an alternative to smoking and has helped many stop the habit permanently. These days, people vape not just to break their smoking habits. We now see women vapers change the vaping culture and sees it as something the induces change from within. Slowly, the vape culture is changing for good as seen through these women vapers.

More women are vaping today. Compared to men, there are more women open to trying e-cigarettes and vaping regularly. We see today more women vapers than vaping men. We can expect more female smokers to turn to vaping since there are fewer women smokers than men.

Many women are also fighting outdated marketing techniques of the vape industry. The marketing method of using scantily-clad women to get men to buy vape products is being met with cold shoulders. It was the women who have pointed out that the priority in vape marketing is promoting innovative vaping products. This priority will help change the vaping culture. This will have a positive impact on the potential customers that they are trying to attract.

More and more famous women are vaping. Some who have embraced the vaping lifestyle are Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. Singers Kary Perry and Rihanna also vape as it is not harsh on their voices compared to smoking. Sarah Silverman shares her vaping habits in public.

Many female YouTube stars are also into vaping. Women receive abuse when they seek to ask advice on vaping in online groups. Today, however, there are female YouTube stars fighting back by sharing their vaping experience. In the YouTube channels of Zophie Vapes, Wendy Vapes, and Tia Vapes they show tricks, vaping products, and their vaping skills.

Today, a Facebook group exist where female vapers get support and advice and this is called the Drippin’ Dolls. This group is already becoming a great force in the vaping industry.

IN Twitter, there is an increase of vape-related tweets from women. Here they share their vaping experiences and preferences. This just shows that women are already playing a big part in the culture of vaping.

Female vape entrepreneurs are also increasing. The vape industry has given them more innovation opportunities. One entrepreneur is Jess-Marie Cornell who put a business for e-charms and customized drip tips. These charms add personality to vaping devices. Andrea Hendricks is an e-juice mixologist who creates great e-juice flavors that she sells in her store.

There are impressive vaping tricks that female influencers are mastering. These influencers are Carrie, @vapingyogi, Han Duong, @jelly.goddess, and @misaliaa. Their followers learn a lot of vaping tricks from them.

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