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Factors That You Should Consider When Using a Vape Pen

There have been rampant cases that have been reported in the present about vape pen explosions. The usage of these pens have increased in the present society where people chose to use the vape pens so as to stay away from cigarettes thus making these cases of explosions familiar. You may ask yourself the main reason that may cause these pens to explode and the reason behind it is because they use lithium batteries to power them. Unlike in other electronic devices, the lithium batteries in these vape pens are not placed in a safety circuit thus posing a risk to its users. When used, the consumer has direct contact with the lithium which has seen the ban of sale of lithium ion batteries in some states. You can discover more on this website on the guidelines that you should exercise in the usage of vape pens.

Make use of the charging details that are included in the guide that is attached to the box that you buy the vape pen box in. Never neglect the charging information that is indicated on the user’s manual that comes along with the vape pen. Adhere to all the details that are stipulated in that manual so as to give you the utmost assurance that you need.

Stick only to the charger that is provided by the manufacturer and avoid using any other. In other electronic devices such as phones, sharing of charging devices is a thing that is very common but the vape charger is built according to the pens voltage rating and charging specifications thus making it unique in its own use.

Make an effort of having a controlled charging time on your vape pen. In this, you should avoid plugging in the pen when you are away for a long period of time. Lithium batteries are known to not hold very strong charge for a long time thus making it damage in cases where it overcharges. Use the pens instructions as a guide to know the amount of charging time that you should allow it charge.

Avoid charging the vape pen in places that have flammable items. Always pay attention to the areas that you are charging your pen on to avoid putting yourself in danger in case there is anything that can easily catch fire near the area.

Make sure that you store your vape pens in temperatures that are regulated. A rapid change in the temperatures may damage the lithium ion battery in your vape pen. Keep note of the environment that you are placing your vape pen on.

Avoid using the pen for long periods. When used for some long periods of time, the vape pen can heat thus making it subject to a possible explosion. You can have some health problems with uncontrolled usage of the vape pen.

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