The post gratitude!Want to say a big thank you to the doctors…

Post of gratitude!Want to say a big thank you to the in General, and in particular in the city of Salekhard! With the beginning of the pregnancy and the emergence of ’s trips to the clinic are becoming common. For all the cases, with different reasons, whether it is vaccinations, inspection and weighing, a special medical Commission, it hurts here, there, pull, sick, aching tooth, in the hospital no signature, etc., never came across rude, except for a few episodes, but it’s not rude, and banal lack of understanding of the patient’s condition. Often treated in an , the child and broke his forehead, the temperature can not shoot down, my back aches, dizziness, etc., the doctor will always listen, give what else can alleviate the condition, will be given a pill, light a candle, put the shot, justify the need to drive to the emergency and seem specialist. Dear doctors, thank you for the of , for humanity that you in the harsh reality of ’s frenzied work mode, many reports of this mountain of paperwork and everything that hinders you normally to do your medical debt! Thank you for your work, hats off to you, long life and less !

Pharmacies are often going to extremely intelligent people….

In pharmacies are often going to extremely smart people. We somehow took something rare in a drugstore to buy. Found via directory, where to sell, came in a completely unfamiliar area, standing in line talking about Faulkner. And then in front a man standing, turning around and excusing himself, entered the conversation with a completely […]

It was 10 years ago.My husband

pain… It was 10 years ago.My husband abdominal pain,such that a grown man cries,a nurse told him:man,can you keep it down.Operated,said atypical appendicitis,after operation 8 days temperature.The surgeon said:what do you want,the operation.On the 11th day caused the er with abdominal pain,5 in the morning put anesthetic,5 I asked her to call the operating surgeon […]

Timur concludes: “I am sure that more than half of subscribers…

Timur concludes: “I am sure that more than half of the subscribers of the group of onlookers, not doctors, and even history are, for the most part, entertaining and provocative – it stirs, and so an unhealthy atmosphere around the medical community. Contribute to social mistrust of doctors? And so little to reach out to […]

So, ladies and gentlemen, I propose an investigative experiment. Take

… so, gentlemen, I propose an investigative experiment. Pick up a number of Shoe covers and roll into small, tight ball. Rolled up? Now shove it up your — Yeah, well, why so corny? Not there! Stick it into the windpipe. Just throw the ball in his mouth and immediately breathe in the air. Got? […]

“The pipeline of moral cripples” I

… “the Conveyer of moral cripples” I’m a child psychologist, and I’m terribly zadalbyvaet. My biggest problem is the parents of my young clients, who themselves disfigure them. I do not know — that I personally have been “blessed” or in fact almost half of the children, which to the psychologist to send doctors or […]

Folk with delightful glee enjoys the beatings, criminal…

Folk with delightful glee enjoys the beatings, criminal cases on doctors. So , frachises, among them no one is innocent. Not that we are angels level 80. And I know the true cause of this persecution. Now after all that, the country is disintegrating and the people are concentrated in cities, and here buns are […]

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