A typical day at the children’s clinic. I ENT….

a typical day in the ’s medical center. I ENT. In the hour of reception of acute comes into the office mother and daughter, the girl whines, it hurts. Behind them, paying the door, on the verge of rebellious man: — I do not understand how you then take? Why I am sitting in a queue and all pass, and you accept them and not me?! — Why are you all missing? I mean, they are with severe pain. — And you on the record? Or again? — No, we do with acute pain. — So why do you all miss? — I don’t like the way you take me, I will complain!

The story told me by a close friend, himself…

the Story that I told a close friend, I myself was not present, and therefore leave this post for your judgement without any proof. In textbooks and on the Internet opinions about the phenomenon as “infantile schizophrenia”, are very different. With a friend, we studied together in medical school, however , our interests were very […]

Anonymous only. My mom was diagnosed with HIV….

Anonymously. My mom was diagnosed with HIV. As it turned out, the load 700 000 and 2 cells of its last three Sexual partner minus. About the rest knows nothing and does not communicate how long infected do not know. Learned that by accident when I was in the hospital with pressure. No comorbidities were […]

It was 10 years ago.My husband

pain… It was 10 years ago.My husband abdominal pain,such that a grown man cries,a nurse told him:man,can you keep it down.Operated,said atypical appendicitis,after operation 8 days temperature.The surgeon said:what do you want,the operation.On the 11th day caused the er with abdominal pain,5 in the morning put anesthetic,5 I asked her to call the operating surgeon […]

So, ladies and gentlemen, I propose an investigative experiment. Take

… so, gentlemen, I propose an investigative experiment. Pick up a number of Shoe covers and roll into small, tight ball. Rolled up? Now shove it up your — Yeah, well, why so corny? Not there! Stick it into the windpipe. Just throw the ball in his mouth and immediately breathe in the air. Got? […]

We had at the time…

we had at the time the substation in such a case. He worked with us one old woman, doctor, I will not say the name. The toilets at the substation was cold, and therefore she never visited, all tried. And then suddenly often. We are of course interested. For a long time she was silent, […]

One day in may Thursday, I’m sitting in…

One day in may Thursday, I’m sitting in my Desk chair, I felt discomfort in the coccyx. By evening, the discomfort became apparent. On Friday morning I realized that you need to go to the hospital. Called the friend of the surgeon who sent me to the surgeon-the proctologist ( in conversation, he caused his […]

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