You write: “And to punish, what would…

You write: “And to punish that would work better, “it would Seem that everything is correct. But in medicine, straightforward logic does not work. Remaining within the framework of existing legislation, the doctor can always work in very different ways. I’ll try to explain with an example. A lot of letters, but try to understand the logic. Recently there was an article about how to blame the surgeon, who during complex operations due to pronounced adhesive process has damaged a major vessel, bleeding arose, which ultimately led the patient to death. To begin with. the doctor was experienced; Professor, experience of such procedures. So the inability to reject. Shared adhesions special ultrasonic device, but apparently spike just grown into the ship wall and to divide them was impossible. As it is impossible to foresee. The doctor had two options how to proceed: 1 . Opened the chest, saw a marked adhesive process, assessed the risk as high and sewed. All the operation is finished. Doctor goes home to play with my grandchildren on the weekends and takes them to the circus, and the patient soon dies from an incurable disease. To the doctor no complaints; he had a peaceful sleep and a day job. 2 . Opened the chest, did find a marked adhesive process, evaluated risk. as high, but because it is the ONLY CHANCE for the patient to , the doctor took this calculated risk. Realized the risk of bleeding. It was predictable, but the doctor decided to take a risk for the patient. Now the doctor lost his job, a criminal against him. But the patient died anyway. He was doomed. Now back to Your logic: punish – and will work “better”. And now I’ll tell You what will REALLY is: Now that the doctor and all other (online blow) in such a situation will always choose the first option. It deprives the patient even a small chance at life, but as safe as possible for the doctor. in Russia of 0. 2 percent associated with acquittals is less than it was in of Stalin’s repressions. One of the will want to risk his life for the lives of unidentified ? Law enforcement agencies are actually today a different professional culture of the medical community. When no priority is saving the life of patient for physicians, and to protect themselves. For them, the doctors, nobody will help and nobody will understand. Igor Semenov ()

Dear honey. workers, the question of course is weird, but…

Honey honey. workers, the question of course is weird, but necessary for us. Died familiar person 16 Mar. This only found out about it. At the morgue said the issue already as novotrubnogo. But perhaps I will pick up the documents, then the body will give, the lineup ( although the passport priebe and personality […]

Recently told a funny story a friend doctor….

Recently told a funny story a friend doctor. I want to share. Team arrives on the call. Man severely bitten by a dog.Until the doctor stopped the bleeding and applied bandages, turns out interesting details. The victim was a thief-a burglar. apparently he was some time ago noticed this place and waited until in his […]

Night shift. Call on the knife. Go together:…

Night shift. Call on the knife. Going alone: I am [the driver] and young, but quite intelligent assistant. Come to the address, he leaves. A few minutes later runs out with a cry: “Dima, open the back, get a stretcher! ” No questions asked, popping up out of the car and open the door. Just […]

Not so long ago brought us…

That before brought us to the intensive care unit guy. With a medical history of trouble, but what is known is that found on the ice. This winter fishing was in full swing. The guy in a coma, severe respiratory insufficiency, liver enzymes slightly elevated and signs of inflammation. For CT( computed tomography) pneumonia, in […]

The men in white coats Music. E. Kolmanovskii St ….

the Men in white coats Music. E. Kolmanovskii,. L. Oshanin Death does not want to spare beauty, No fun, no evil, no cruise, But stand in her way, the Men in white coats. The boys in white coats Here again in her way. And the breath will become smooth, And suffering recede somewhere, Only to […]

Dear doctor! How do you find such news? There are

… Beloved doctor! How do you find this kind of news? Is it the truth? Rosstat: the average salary of doctors in the Tambov region – 50 thousand rubles, Rosstat estimated the average salary of doctors over the past year, reports RT. So , in the Tambov region the average salary associated with doctors amounted […]

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