I want to share my story. I’m a nurse,work…

I Want to share my . I am a nurse working in the E. R. I love his work, and for me has always been something like gods. And I never thought that I would be the victim of a terrible medical error. I am 32 old, many ago, I postavili the diagnosis of infertility, was treated unsuccessfully and decided to let go and suddenly find out that you are pregnant. Naturally, I was happy. In 9 weeks stood on the account to one of the best doctors in the city, vitamins, fulfilled all the recommendations, have not gained weight, even lost a little weight, as it initially was overweight. All was good, all the tests and screenings were normal, chuvstvovala I was fine.. until 33 weeks. at 34 weeks I had tachycardia at 120, all the time, headache, increased blood pressure to 140 over 90 (although it was always 110 over 70), swollen hands and face. Of course I immediately told the doctor. besides, in two weeks I gained 4 kg. Despite the fact that the tests were normal, no protein in the urine, we decided to play it safe and I otpravilas in the Department of pathology of pregnancy. I was diagnosed with “preeclampsia” and began to treat of magnesia. Upon admission to the hospital did an ultrasound and said everything is fine. The next day I found out that I have pretty high blood sugar, the glycemic profiles from 8 to 12, came the therapist said that I cheat and eat chocolate under the pillow, and I have one yogurt and cheese sat. In the end, after a week I again had an ultrasound, repeated the tests, said everything is OK and tomorrow I go home to wait for delivery. I was outraged and demanded a consultation with another doctor, after all, to feel better themselves did not. Came the chief medical officer. After hearing the complaints, seeing history and me, she verdict – cesarean section. 35 and a half weeks it was. urgent. Doctor shrugged her shoulders, me a liar. Operate on me I went to another gynecologist. Anesthesia was epidural, so I heard perfectly as the doctor was swearing at his colleague. Polyhydramnios was just stradausim. Why is it not seen on ultrasound?Hard to imagine what could have swallowed my daughter. The girl was born with severe swelling. But breathing and even cried. But the neonatologist just in I decided to put her in intensive care under observation. and for good reason. by night the daughter stopped breathing. She was transferred on a ventilator, fever, blood leukocytosis. Infection. but what they don’t know.On the fourth day the neonatologist came to my house in the morning and said “Pray I need a miracle that she survived until morning, keep only the maximum dose of adrenaline.” Cried all night and prayed. and what’s left? A miracle has happened. It was easier for her. three days later she was transferred to the pediatric hospital. did another miracle. A few days later the daughter herself was breathing, she was examined and diagnosed with meningoencephalitis caused by herpes virus of type 1. Yes, that Saaya chill on the lips, which I have that 10 was not, but the virus in the blood hanging out and penetrated through the placenta.Now, thank God and neonatologists, we go on the amendment and after nearly two months, be home. But what lies ahead in terms of consequences – long rehabilitation and hope that will do without serious. At the hospital the chief medical officer of spinlash for their doctors, said I was done, I went home and demanded a C-section, otherwise in a couple of days my girl would have died in utero,and I was the moth would not be able to . Istria disease course was rewritten to prove anything, and I wouldn’t have.. God will judge them and their conscience for the carelessness. So. So the doctors of course almost gods, but they are sometimes wrong, listen to your state and not miss the small things. Any little thing can cost lives and not just one. Thanks for listening, izinyayus that long.

Anonymous only. My mom was diagnosed with HIV….

Anonymously. My mom was diagnosed with HIV. As it turned out, the load 700 000 and 2 cells of its last three Sexual partner minus. About the rest knows nothing and does not communicate how long infected do not know. Learned that by accident when I was in the hospital with pressure. No comorbidities were […]

A typical day at the children’s clinic. I ENT….

a typical day in the children’s medical center. I ENT. In the hour of reception of acute patients comes into the office mother and daughter, the girl whines, it hurts. Behind them, paying the door, on the verge of rebellious man: — I do not understand how you then take? Why I am sitting in […]

You write: “And to punish, what would…

You write: “And to punish that would work better, “it would Seem that everything is correct. But in medicine, straightforward logic does not work. Remaining within the framework of existing legislation, the doctor can always work in very different ways. I’ll try to explain with an example. A lot of letters, but try to understand […]

Pharmacies are often going to extremely intelligent people….

In pharmacies are often going to extremely smart people. We somehow took something rare in a drugstore to buy. Found via directory, where to sell, came in a completely unfamiliar area, standing in line talking about Faulkner. And then in front a man standing, turning around and excusing himself, entered the conversation with a completely […]

In the distant student years I worked in…

Within the distant student years We worked in the emergency room of the hospital. In one of the following shifts happened. Brought to us a young girl, eighteen years old with complaints of lower back pain. Called the urologist, checked kidneys, and everything else on the list — it’s all right. Finally called the gynecologist. […]

Many people reproach the doctors Hippocratic oath, not…

Many people reproach the doctors Hippocratic oath, knowing neither the oath, nor the fact that it stands for. I’ll fill in for You the gap to a converted Soviet ideology oath of the doctor, not hung over Your mind. A literal translation of the Latin literary treatment… Warm sea lulling, monotonous rustling of the waves. […]

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