Anonymous I would Like to touch upon the subject of treatment friends….

I would Like to touch upon the topic of friends. In the second year of practice in therapy sent us to the emergency hospital. The cardiology Department. Well, you know, Yes-how many injections I/o, and droppers, a Paradise for the green and shaky hands. Gives me m/with chalk plus tells him to go to Baba Masha(is every six months, with all hands in greeting-the words m/s) Damn, who could have known that this is our old roommate, still my mom in diapers remember?! I go and quietly along the wall, to refuse to do it, and suddenly screw it up?! It’s a shame!!! But the mania quickly I cheered “Yes deeeeee, I’m old, I’m not sorry”… Put on(honestly shaking at the knees, but all like clockwork). Explain that 15 min (at least, ideally until the bladder will not start in the brain to press)need to lie down, not stand up, a hand in order to squeeze tighter. Leaving. Is min 4, flies nurse b like enticing your covered in blood, damn how?! Flying to her, burning, like fire on fire, cheeks beet plastered, knees gently to each other cut B… man, I’ll fix it, sorry, excuse me, brow beat. Granny good adequate, he says calm down, they say, she’s guilty, veins thin, and I in the toilet would want to endure could not, that hand and straightened, but still pochapali to the other end of the corridor… And calms, and I am sad that one of the first I/o, and tagooooo… then its hard to me to do anything, afraid suddenly that is not so , because the shame!!!

All good time of day to post about…

All good time of day to post about what doctors refuse to take no record. The story happened about 7 years ago. I’m a young guy working in a factory, doing sports. Constant loads associated with large weights. Well, one(in quotes) the day I stumbled on the work sharp pain in the groin area. Well, […]

I propose to equate the ambulance crew to the police….

Propose to equate the ambulance crew to the police. In the case of attacks on secours crews to treat this as an attack on a police officer on duty. Even in the 90s such lawlessness was not! People! Take care of doctors! In addition they torn your fucking head no one will sew a flag […]

Features of work in the pharmacy in the night shift….

features of work in the pharmacy in the night shift. Myth 1. Night at pharmacies go to some alcoholics and drug addicts. Not at all. Yeah, they missed, although there was a shift where I didn’t sell a single syringe. Panforte with alcohol and similar liquids we did not to get so drunk we have […]

And, I want to speak on…

And I, if I may, I want to speak on the topic of mode of operation of the different institutions. In my case medical. Terribly sick of the fact that some specialists just don’t get caught because they operate on a standard schedule — on weekdays from 9 to 6 (and sometimes up to five). […]

Want to tell a story about how I…

Want to tell the story about how I dreamed since childhood of becoming a doctor and did not work. When I was little my grandmother has been an EMT, and my mother worked at the hospital. Grandma was constantly telling stories about working on the ambulance and I was interested to hear. All my childhood […]

Basebord is a revolution in the approach to…

Basebord is a revolution in the approach to child development and the potential for child from 9 months to 6 years👶we Have 2 lines: 📌double-sided Board: basebord + chalk Board📌biidama with the ability to add the Dollhouse inside✅ Improves fine motor skills✅ will Give free time✅ Develops logic and thinking✅ Protects the health plus eyes✅ […]

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