Good day! All the doctors complain about patients, and I…

Good day! All the complain about , and I will tell my about the “good” doctor. Sunday he got sick. Green snot and a cough. The child is 3 . after lunch sleep son woke up in tears-it hurts the ear. The clock 15 cents and ENT clinic is not working. Collected documents and child, and went to the hospital. Took us head of ENT-Department with a good mate. What’s. I I have bothered the doctor, and asked at the pharmacy what I read. Documents my is not needed. I need to know what drip into the ears of the kiddies and all that sort of thing…. tuckered out and to inspect…. dug sulfuric stopper and stuck cotton wool, boric alcohol, but how he did it will be my nightmare.. got out of hospital and both roared. I resentment plus terror, and the son from the pain. P. s: self- of a child, I without prescription is not doing. Not to agemate. Sneeze is also not panic point, but the reaction of the doctor killed me. What did I do wrong?! Our medical history🚑💉💊

To be honest, I have long started to be disappointed…

to be honest, I have long started to be disappointed in the profession because of all kinds of paper bureaucracy, low wages, consumer attitudes towards health workers and many other things. I also somewhat@*@ – particle began to treat patients: all their wishes, if fulfilled, how would favor. The specificity of work in intensive care […]

I love to read posts about the work of doctors….

love to read posts about the work of doctors. The ones where people’s lives are directly dependent on the professionalism of others. Very respect people who love their work,save lives,despite all the ingratitude on the part saved . My mother was a doctor,35 years in medicine. Talked a lot about work. Yes, and I spent […]

I propose to equate the ambulance crew to the police….

Propose to equate the ambulance crew to the police. In the case of attacks on secours crews to treat this as an attack on a police officer on duty. Even in the 90s such lawlessness was not! People! Take care of doctors! In addition they torn your fucking head no one will sew a flag […]

History Christinariccin came to us to give birth in…

History Christinariccin came to us to give birth for the third time. And we are confident that she and the third child will write a rejection I once wrote that his “regular clients” are always welcome. Always but not always. The day before yesterday to our Department by ambulance brought Christina. That’s really who we […]

Five in the morning. Very persistent knocking at the door….

5 in the morning. Very persistent banging at the door. So slow, knowing that in an hour get up for work. The husband, unfortunately, on duty. In the next room snores peacefully on the eve flew to visit my brother. – Open soon!!! Open, on the threshold stands a woman, catches the eye so annoying […]

From the Internet: “in Australia are struggling with…

From the Internet: “in Australia are struggling with antitreponemal”Australians are very rational and practical. And I love leisure. Fishing, hunting, sea and BBQ facilities. And it is not like problems. After all, the favorite phrase of any australasi: “No worries, mate” (“don’t worry, buddy! “). Therefore , all problems are solved in the most effective […]

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