Pharmacies are often going to extremely intelligent people….

In pharmacies are often going to extremely smart people. We somehow took something rare in a drugstore to buy. Found via directory, where to sell, came in a completely unfamiliar area, standing in line talking about Faulkner. And then in front a man standing, turning around and excusing himself, entered the conversation with a completely relevant phrase “Afternoon rest of the Faun”. Conversation perebivaetsya approached the , the citizen scrapes, mumbles something like “I beg you to forgive, I need to buy a sedative, now, now, don’t go, I imagine after the death of Gandhi me and not talk to anyone” and in the window loudly: – Four hawthorn, ! Our medical history🚑💉💊

If possible, anonymous)))I’m always on the side of doctors….

If possible, anonymous)))I’m always on the side of the doctors. Regardless of the monetary equivalent for conscientious experts, this responsible work, often not grateful, alas. The situation: we Have a new neighbor. It’s a small town, so who, how and why it became known quickly. Doctor. Young. Sent him from the North, medical center of […]

Thank properly selecting the clinging soul gifts!… Thank

properly selecting the adhering soul gifts! Fine jewelry does not leave indifferent even the most reserved person. Learn more [club118245637|Dr. VOROBEV]More jewelry pieces of gold and silver [club118245637|Dr. VOROBEV] will show your warm attitude and sincere gratitude. The quality is far above the cost: Completely author’s execution from drawing to metal processing. It does not […]

Friend said, as recently pumped her…

Friend said as recently pumped its neighbor. It was on her birthday to friend, with his wife. Touched, clutched at his heart, passed out. Guests carried him into the bedroom, called an ambulance. She came surprisingly quickly, she was DOA. Nurse drove all the tries from the bed room and began to beat electroshock. The […]

Hello colleagues, Came today with the daily duty. Lord! (well, not…

Hello colleagues! Came today with the daily duty. Lord! (I don’t know how best to handle)! Complete degradation!??? When happened!??? What’s going on with the country, with people, with society!????? What happens to SMP? “Zomboyaschik” fully fulfills its function! For 37 years, the smell of alcohol, in fact! Reason to call: “My friend chewed through […]

“The pipeline of moral cripples” I

… “the Conveyer of moral cripples” I’m a child psychologist, and I’m terribly zadalbyvaet. My biggest problem is the parents of my young clients, who themselves disfigure them. I do not know — that I personally have been “blessed” or in fact almost half of the children, which to the psychologist to send doctors or […]

“I have a friend since kindergarten….

“I have a friend since kindergarten. Chicken on the field, but kind and honest. Divorced. And, as expected, in law and the human conscience owed her half of his property, namely polkvartiry in the city centre. Court. From the former a bunch of angry relatives, and important eminent lawyer in horned-rim glasses with a leather […]

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