Five in the morning. Very persistent knocking at the door….

5 in the morning. Very persistent banging at the door. So slow, knowing that in an hour get up for work. The husband, unfortunately, on duty. In the next snores peacefully on the eve flew to visit my brother. – Open soon!!! Open, on the threshold stands a , catches the eye so annoying orange bag: – What took so long??! Call an ?! Where is the patient?! I’m a little confused. The brain refuses to accept information. It seems very doctor. It seems that in his mind. Confidently say: no, they didn’t. Paramedic but my answer is not convinced. – A second home? Second – I say. – Apartment 53? – Yeah, – I mumbled. – Girl, what are you telling me? You were a challenge! Trying again to explain that I am an was not . The next question paramedic alerted me: [club169745068|read more at the source]

Adinochka, skip😊Love your group, and decided to tell…

Adinochka, skip😊Love your group, and decided to tell his story. I apologize in advance for the manner of storytelling and a lot of letters. Great respect for the medical profession. What a pity that not all doctors are good people. Story:I’m a girl. Me (at the time) 23 years. Just married, no children. Summer, July. […]

Death is not a reason not to come…

Death is not a reason not to come the Inhabitant of the Perm edge Natalia Luzina put his mother in a queue on reception to the endocrinologist in November 2018 in the neighbouring town, after 5 months, she was called to the wedding reception. “I have a sick mom, I tried to record to an […]

There were innovative concealer ❤LAMITON❤…

Appeared innovative concealer ❤LAMITON❤ – technology of the “SMART” colors! 🔥No longer need to choose the color of Foundation is under your skin! 🔥Read more👉🏻 ✔ LAMITON adjusts to the color of the skin under the influence of temperature ✔Completely invisible like a second skin ✔ Perfect imperfections: acne, freckles, age spots ✔Not slipping […]

Recently told a funny story a friend doctor….

Recently told a funny story a friend doctor. I want to share. Team arrives on the call. Man severely bitten by a dog.Until the doctor stopped the bleeding and applied bandages, turns out interesting details. The victim was a thief-a burglar. apparently he was some time ago noticed this place and waited until in his […]

I love to read posts about the work of doctors….

love to read posts about the work of doctors. The ones where people’s lives are directly dependent on the professionalism of others. Very respect people who love their work,save lives,despite all the ingratitude on the part saved . My mother was a doctor,35 years in medicine. Talked a lot about work. Yes, and I spent […]

The history of recovery from coma after many years…

History of recovery from coma after many years is not quite so unusual. But always these cases attract, because people like sweeps through time. It happened with the Polish workers-the railroad workers, who was unconscious for 19 years. The story began in the 1980s, when Poland was under the Communist regime. Confused, the country entered […]

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