It was 10 years ago.My husband

pain… It was 10 ago.My husband abdominal pain,such that a grown man cries,a nurse told him:man,can you keep it down.Operated,said atypical appendicitis,after operation 8 days temperature.The surgeon said:what do you want,the operation.On the 11th day caused the er with abdominal pain,5 in the morning put anesthetic,5 I asked her to call the operating surgeon .He came,swearing that they had not caused .Summary :mesenteric thrombosis,removed 10! meters of the intestine,leaving only 12cm 12 duodenal ulcer, the Doctor said he lived a year after surgery .I spent a year on the droppers,died exactly a year later .Then he said,very rarely is found,after it was the same ,saved,removed 1 meter of intestine,and now he is alive.No complaints,just told.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I propose an investigative experiment. Take

… so, gentlemen, I propose an investigative experiment. Pick up a number of Shoe covers and roll into small, tight ball. Rolled up? Now shove it up your — Yeah, well, why so corny? Not there! Stick it into the windpipe. Just throw the ball in his mouth and immediately breathe in the air. Got? […]

Dear doctor! How do you find such news? There are

… Beloved doctor! How do you find this kind of news? Is it the truth? Rosstat: the average salary of doctors in the Tambov region – 50 thousand rubles, Rosstat estimated the average salary of doctors over the past year, reports RT. So , in the Tambov region the average salary associated with doctors amounted […]

“I have a friend since kindergarten….

“I have a friend since kindergarten. Chicken on the field, but kind and honest. Divorced. And, as expected, in law and the human conscience owed her half of his property, namely polkvartiry in the city centre. Court. From the former a bunch of angry relatives, and important eminent lawyer in horned-rim glasses with a leather […]

One day in may Thursday, I’m sitting in…

One day in may Thursday, I’m sitting in my Desk chair, I felt discomfort in the coccyx. By evening, the discomfort became apparent. On Friday morning I realized that you need to go to the hospital. Called the friend of the surgeon who sent me to the surgeon-the proctologist ( in conversation, he caused his […]

Features of work in the pharmacy in the night shift….

features of work in the pharmacy in the night shift. Myth 1. Night at pharmacies go to some alcoholics and drug addicts. Not at all. Yeah, they missed, although there was a shift where I didn’t sell a single syringe. Panforte with alcohol and similar liquids we did not to get so drunk we have […]

On the day of my birth, I was in…

on the day of my birth, I was in the hospital and met with the rudeness of akusherki she didn’t want me to asmaterial and said that this was not her job and threw me from office to office. In the end it took about 40 minutes later I returned back in order to akusherki […]

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