Dear doctors and members of the group! I have…

Dear and subscribers of the group! I have boiling, want to vent their resentment. I myself am a medical student, and let that I’m a doctor with lots of experience behind you, but now I am ashamed of our medicine, namely for the relationship between medicine and religion. It all with my first practice where we were at the hospital prayer . But then I special attention to not betray this, there is. But then I was everywhere in the clinics and hospitals to see the icon and the inscription “ and protect! ” and things like that. It got to the point that we have right next to the school door amuse two icons. I have nothing against the religion itself and refer to it as neutral. But when medical institutions and doctors themselves become superstitious and biased, it is highly alarming. As a doctor, whose office is a icon can adequately heal people? His credibility immediately falls to several pieces. The doctor does not have their personal beliefs to be at work. All your values should be left at home, well, at least for the hospital. He will not be in the omnipotence of their knowledge and in the end everything will boil down to “the rest God will help”. Still, the situation is worse when the relatives, and the even worse the patient during his turns to the Lord plus quietly cease to follow your doctor’s instructions and starts to blindly believe in self-recovery (and it’s not a placebo effect) and the consequences for him will be very tragic… As a teacher, who are constantly in connection with age to rely on God in addition to denies the scientific point of view and scientific thinking in medicine, which deals with the urine-therapy can teach future physicians! What kind of example is he showing them? This is an example of the imposition of the views under the pressure of his “authority”. In fact , everywhere to be bound, but representatives of the ROC in 90% of cases just want to make a fortune on the grief of and their relatives. It is now the norm to see the Church benches on site and hospitals where the price of the most banal candle is higher in 2-3 … But in any , medicine and religion are two completely different things that should never overlap, especially if life is at stake and the of the patient.

What ends up ignoring the recommendations of the ambulance….

Exactly what ends up ignoring the suggestions of the ambulance. It was a few years ago. On the ambulance approached by a young guy about the “wound to the leg. Stepped on a nail”. Paramedic first treated the wound with antiseptic and put a bandage and recommended to go immediately to the emergency room for […]

The hospital is a sad place. Here every day…

Hospital is a sad place. Here every day are faced with human pain, misery and often death. That is why the medical people cynical. If you take to heart the suffering of each patient – and that’s crazy long. But there were stories that were getting through even the most stale of nurses with four […]

I love to read posts about the work of doctors….

love to read posts about the work of doctors. The ones where people’s lives are directly dependent on the professionalism of others. Very respect people who love their work,save lives,despite all the ingratitude on the part saved . My mother was a doctor,35 years in medicine. Talked a lot about work. Yes, and I spent […]

And, I want to speak on…

And I, if I may, I want to speak on the topic of mode of operation of the different institutions. In my case medical. Terribly sick of the fact that some specialists just don’t get caught because they operate on a standard schedule — on weekdays from 9 to 6 (and sometimes up to five). […]

Friend said, as recently pumped her…

Friend said as recently pumped its neighbor. It was on her birthday to friend, with his wife. Touched, clutched at his heart, passed out. Guests carried him into the bedroom, called an ambulance. She came surprisingly quickly, she was DOA. Nurse drove all the tries from the bed room and began to beat electroshock. The […]

Anonymous only. My mom was diagnosed with HIV….

Anonymously. My mom was diagnosed with HIV. As it turned out, the load 700 000 and 2 cells of its last three Sexual partner minus. About the rest knows nothing and does not communicate how long infected do not know. Learned that by accident when I was in the hospital with pressure. No comorbidities were […]

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