In such circumstances lay my grandfather….

Now lay my grandfather. In the hospital Orekhovo-Zuyevo. Moscow oblast. Arrived in their legs, due to heart problems. Lay 2 weeks in Cardiology and neurology. He did drip. Doing enema. Put on insulin. Died two weeks later from sepsis. Only when I arrived two days before death, showed it to the urologist. The result: purulent-non-fatal abscess of the scrotum (trenirueshsya through the fistula). 2 week the person doing the enema. He had all the sex organs are black. He complained of pain. Was screaming and moaning from them. And they are Treated heart. Operation is not possible was, at the time of inspection. But he made it through 12 hours after inspection. Died in the comfort of anesthesia. The said that he yells and scares , although with his diagnosis people go. Humiliated him. (This was all before diagnosis)He has not experienced one painful shock. In the hospital. In the 21st century. Sepsis. I want to ask the Ministry of , is this normal? The work. They didn’t even apologize. I wrote to the Ministry of health. I’m begging you! If you have a complaint to the Hospital #5 (GB branch number 2) write the complaint. I hope the management will change and will establish a new system.

It was 10 years ago.My husband

pain… It was 10 years ago.My husband abdominal pain,such that a grown man cries,a nurse told him:man,can you keep it down.Operated,said atypical appendicitis,after operation 8 days temperature.The surgeon said:what do you want,the operation.On the 11th day caused the er with abdominal pain,5 in the morning put anesthetic,5 I asked her to call the operating surgeon […]

Five in the morning. Very persistent knocking at the door….

5 in the morning. Very persistent banging at the door. So slow, knowing that in an hour get up for work. The husband, unfortunately, on duty. In the next room snores peacefully on the eve flew to visit my brother. – Open soon!!! Open, on the threshold stands a woman, catches the eye so annoying […]

Not so long ago brought us…

That before brought us to the intensive care unit guy. With a medical history of trouble, but what is known is that found on the ice. This winter fishing was in full swing. The guy in a coma, severe respiratory insufficiency, liver enzymes slightly elevated and signs of inflammation. For CT( computed tomography) pneumonia, in […]


TEST THAT WILL HELP MEDICAL STUDENTS CHOOSE THEIR FUTURE SPECIALTY.One of the largest medical universities in USA – University of Virginia published the results of years of study of personal characteristics of physicians of different specialties. In this (quite interesting) study, the researchers determined the most typical and typical (almost gruppoobrazuyuschaya) peculiarities of temperament, attitudes, […]

Hello friends! Know what questions are asked very often…

Hi friends! Know what questions I often ask women? They are: 1⃣ How do I raise their self-esteem? 2⃣ How to deal with irritability and control the emotions? 3⃣ How to learn to say “no” and not feel guilty? Agree, very important issues 🤔 After all, if women are usually such problems, it is unlikely […]

ATTENTION, CONTEST! 🔥 Friends, this time we…

attention, the COMPETITION! 🔥 Friends, this time we have prepared for you a riddle – what word is hidden in the three proposed elements? The one who correctly guesses the word, will be the owner of a luxury brand beanie from Medstil. 😍 Conditions of participation in the competition: ● subscribe to the community [club176429545|Medstil […]

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