Features of work in the pharmacy in the night shift….

features of work in the pharmacy in the night shift. Myth 1. Night at pharmacies go to some alcoholics and drug addicts. Not at all. Yeah, they missed, although there was a shift where I didn’t sell a single syringe. Panforte with alcohol and similar liquids we did not to get so drunk we have not looked. In fact, most often people come after work, people with a sudden problem and people from the hospitals where they are refused to be hospitalized, but wrote a plan at home. Most came for contraceptives and drugs for . Myth 2. Night in the pharmacy is terrible. It’s no worse than the apartment on the first floor of an apartment building. All doors are closed, work through the small window across the pharmacy razresheny camera + keychain security on a nail. Lepota. Myth 3. The night pharmacists are not working, and sleeping. In fact, a night at the drugstore work too. First, we run much more than our daytime colleagues, fortunately, we are not standing behind the counter, and moved from the door to shelves with medications and back. I once with the help of smartphone measured walking distance and there was something about 3 km. secondly, at night we update the medications in the Windows, do the current service, including wet, filled out some paperwork. Do not argue, was a shift, when cases were few and I could relax, watch a movie on your smartphone, just lie down on the couch. But sleep, when every 10-30 minutes someone banging the door very hard. Myth 4. At night, the pharmacists sell drugs “from-under floors” and without prescriptions. The funniest myth I’ve encountered personally, when one of the buyers asked if I have the same medication, just cheaper and without a receipt. Still don’t quite understand what I wanted from selling even one package without a receipt will result in problems for the whole team to first audit and, as a consequence, a deduction from wages. Prescription drugs we also do not let go for one simple reason – each sold packing is reflected in the database and in the morning for every potent drug you can ask. Myth 5. You can close the door and sleep all night. . But in the morning the boss will see on your computer, the zero revenue will take the footage and make your lives hell. Yes, and the salary depends partly on earnings. It is necessary to you? Myth 6. The night behind a closed door you can arrange a noisy party. . And I even sometimes sitting with friends, drinking tea (YES, TEA!), played the Board game – but with the permission of the Manager, with whom I was in good standing. And don’t forget the camera! Myth 7. At the pharmacy you will provide first aid. This generally very difficult. In our job there is no point on rendering of medical aid — in of emergency, call an . However, I admit, a few going forward and measured the pressure, do a small dressing, and once even put a shot. But it is not encouraged. Myth 8. Night medications more expensive. No, the price depending on the time of day does not change. Myth 9. At night, the salary is more. No. It is much less. All tied to sales night sales much subside and the salary is lower. Myth 10. Change the biorhythms. Depends on the number of shifts per month. If you take more than 10 shifts by the end of the month not what biorhythms are confused by – just become a vegetable, especially if you work a second job in the first place. But I took the 7 to 9 shift, and in General everything was in order. Furthermore, during the holiday biorhythms completely restored and no problems with falling asleep-awakening my colleagues and I experienced.

Good night, let the Council please meet…

Good night, give advice please, Dating a guy 30 years old in 28 he had a stroke, his heart no no Yes grab, pressure at work, he rose to 165, the pupils are different, talked like a drunk, sent him to the doctor no responsibility to work for him did not want to take, we’re […]

History of internetadressen a pediatric surgeon for 15 Years…

History of internetadressen pediatric surgeon 15 Years ago night runs to our infirmary sister from the emergency room. – Patient severe in the second operating! Me, the crew gathered on the table a little girl of six. While he dressed and sterilized, learned the details. In the accident hit the family of four. Father, mother […]

The men in white coats Music. E. Kolmanovskii St ….

the Men in white coats Music. E. Kolmanovskii,. L. Oshanin Death does not want to spare beauty, No fun, no evil, no cruise, But stand in her way, the Men in white coats. The boys in white coats Here again in her way. And the breath will become smooth, And suffering recede somewhere, Only to […]

Five in the morning. Very persistent knocking at the door….

5 in the morning. Very persistent banging at the door. So slow, knowing that in an hour get up for work. The husband, unfortunately, on duty. In the next room snores peacefully on the eve flew to visit my brother. – Open soon!!! Open, on the threshold stands a woman, catches the eye so annoying […]

Told a friend today ( he works as a doctor…

Informed a friend today ( this individual works as a doctor in the ambulance): Arrived on a call, the man sits, shaking all words can not say. Wife with friend his otpaivat tea. Ask, “What happened? ” Sat a couple with a family friend drank. The child was asleep in another room. So as not […]

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Bring chela with acute appendicitis. Pax twisted with pain very complex figure, Hatha yoga rest in the hallway. Seriously, in this situation the person really is experiencing terrible pain from what is not thinking. The case was extremely heavy, the person had to be cut, so the clothes he tore literally on the move, on […]

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