Want to tell a story about how I…

Want to tell the about how I dreamed since childhood of becoming a doctor and did not work. When I was little my grandmother has been an EMT, and my mother at the hospital. Grandma was constantly telling stories about working on the and I was interested to hear. All my childhood I saw my mother, of course , not often, work very much. But I went to see her often at work, and when We came, she didn’t have time to chat with me, there were many , and I just watched the work of . I always thought that I would become a doctor when I grow up, another specialty had not even considered. My favorite game as a child was in the hospital. When I was in school, then naturally, I won a lot of Olympiads in biology and chemistry and the dream was to go to medical school. When I finished college, my mother forbade honey. Said it was a terrible profession, because wipe their feet, a small salary, a lot of unnecessary papers and aggressive patients requiring . Mom says I was protected from the severity of medical occupation. Now I have a good PED and the first year worked as a teacher at the institution. I barely worked for a year and quit in may, I realized that this is not our specialty. I believe that you are a happy people that engaged in this career. All this stuff, like the insolence of patients and salaries. I hate your every working day because work not in the specialty, which was the particular dream. I even now dream of becoming a doctor. I have read many medical books. Of course , I was too late to study to be a doctor, but I’ll settle for med school, but can’t go to school, do not want to spoil relations with my personal mother, she wouldn’t approve. Someone will say that my own post is long plus meaningless. Yes it is! Thank you for listening! I wish you good and that every day was a joy!

All good time of day to post about…

All good time of day to post about what doctors refuse to take no record. The story happened about 7 years ago. I’m a young guy working in a factory, doing sports. Constant loads associated with large weights. Well, one(in quotes) the day I stumbled on the work sharp pain in the groin area. Well, […]

Hello, please anonymously.Work in an ultrasound office today…

Hello, please anonymously.Work in an ultrasound office today was very good mood,and I decided to divide patients into different categories:1.the patient-on the contrary(say that stripped to the waist top,he removes all the bottom,and even cowards, I say lie on your back,he lies down on his stomach, turn on your left side,it lies on the right,I […]

“The pipeline of moral cripples” I

… “the Conveyer of moral cripples” I’m a child psychologist, and I’m terribly zadalbyvaet. My biggest problem is the parents of my young clients, who themselves disfigure them. I do not know — that I personally have been “blessed” or in fact almost half of the children, which to the psychologist to send doctors or […]

I propose to equate the ambulance crew to the police….

Propose to equate the ambulance crew to the police. In the case of attacks on secours crews to treat this as an attack on a police officer on duty. Even in the 90s such lawlessness was not! People! Take care of doctors! In addition they torn your fucking head no one will sew a flag […]

Patient – grandfather livestock. Happy grandfather…

Patient – grandfather livestock. Happy grandfather, full of life. Only now travels by wheelchair. Six weeks ago broke his femur. In the district hospital to treat, decided not to operate, fully plastered. By the way, the standing of fragments was really good. Grandparent’s house they took the cast off and decided to “set bones”. In […]

Thank properly selecting the clinging soul gifts!… Thank

properly selecting the adhering soul gifts! Fine jewelry does not leave indifferent even the most reserved person. Learn more [club118245637|Dr. VOROBEV]More jewelry pieces of gold and silver [club118245637|Dr. VOROBEV] will show your warm attitude and sincere gratitude. The quality is far above the cost: Completely author’s execution from drawing to metal processing. It does not […]

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