I love to read posts about the work of doctors….

love to read posts about the work of . The ones where people’s lives are directly dependent on the professionalism of others. Very respect people who love their work, lives,despite all the ingratitude on the part saved . My mother was a doctor,35 in medicine. Talked a lot about work. Yes, and I spent a lot of time at her work and also wanted to follow in her footsteps at the time. Changed mother of three locations. The first was the division of cardiology. for 10 years. Over the years, two in the official car had an accident once with a heavy patient. Changed the office “thanks” to saving . Her words carried a heavy patient. On the way to the office his heart stopped. Reanimated all the way,started a heart. The man was saved. But the result – two broken . The man turned out to be connected, at the exit of the hospital are overwhelmed with complaints and statements of the chief and all the Department. The result was that the mother changed her place of work. Gone for retraining, went to work in the NICU. He worked for 4 years, broke down mentally. Many objectors were, for each was going through. Left. Left medicine for 5 years. Worked as a nanny in a kindergarten. After 5 years he returned to his native hospital. Now in the Department of neurology. Worked there all the time. Not very fond of the Christmas holidays. All new year and fun and she has a complete separation of the “first noted”- the broken heads,the knife, Sofrasi. Well, fans of a freebie – the homeless – half of the office. Another category of patients unwanted relatives. If the statement falls on the holidays – all remained in the Department,the were not in a hurry for family,pick up after the holidays. The result – a crowded Department,the lack of staff,hassle,and of the regulations manual – to prepare a statement to everyone who walks. A separate category of patients – . Young,with cancer. All the medical staff tried to support them morally. With many mom kept in touch by phone after discharge from the Department. Several times when I was at her work,she received a message to “prepare” the deceased patient. Always surprised by the calm and detachment in those moments. Said that it is the most difficult doctors to tell your family about the loss. Was not such to duty went smoothly. The result – my mother was loaded with thoughts about work, even on the weekends. Could pull out at any time. Several times he pulled on duty at the most inopportune moments with Bani. Gave time to rinse, the squad waited at the gates. Went for the bread shop – I went on duty. If anyone thinks that wages were good – no! Schedule day after day. Salary with all allowances – 13-14 thousand. Many times I was told to go to work as a nurse, her experience was quite enough for this, and higher wages. But when people used to work in a field,it is difficult to change jobs and find yourself in another. It is people who are eager to work not for the money. Probably,it is a calling to be a doctor. Not everyone is given. But post – just thanks to such people. Respect the work of such people!

Anonymous I would Like to touch upon the subject of treatment friends….

Anonymously I would Like to touch upon the topic of treatment friends. In the second year of practice in therapy sent us to the emergency hospital. The cardiology Department. Well, you know, Yes-how many injections I/o, and droppers, a Paradise for the green and shaky hands. Gives me m/with chalk plus tells him to go […]

Recently told a funny story a friend doctor….

Recently told a funny story a friend doctor. I want to share. Team arrives on the call. Man severely bitten by a dog.Until the doctor stopped the bleeding and applied bandages, turns out interesting details. The victim was a thief-a burglar. apparently he was some time ago noticed this place and waited until in his […]

Not so long ago brought us…

That before brought us to the intensive care unit guy. With a medical history of trouble, but what is known is that found on the ice. This winter fishing was in full swing. The guy in a coma, severe respiratory insufficiency, liver enzymes slightly elevated and signs of inflammation. For CT( computed tomography) pneumonia, in […]

Overheard in the tram: two women Talking years…

Overheard in the tram: two ladies Talking, about sixty years. From the conversation it is clear that both are coming from the clinic, because the whole conversation revolves around diagnoses, tests, prescriptions. And here is one lady complains: “I recently in the bag, put things in order, and then a bag full of all sorts […]

And ush times there were physicians, and…

And ush times there were doctors, and probably not in a single instance, then here’s a story from real life. I my ex saved the fetus. With Subtotal detachment of the placenta in its 6th clinical of the capital city (not Kitisa) was appointed chimes-75. And chimes has multiple effects and the first one after […]

On the pavement angrily crawled a Terrible throat. And…

On the pavement angrily crawled a Terrible throat. And behind him, cursing obscenities, was a pathologist. Under the guise of panicles, Snuck dreaded gynecologist. Trembling like a leaf, Got optometrist. With the face terrible, terrible drunk Wandered surgeon is a big troublemaker. Covering the poster, Rushed a wild psychiatrist. All wrinkled up in the morning […]

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