15 years ago the night runs to us…

15 ago night runs to our infirmary sister from the emergency . – Patient severe in the second operating! Me, the crew gathered on the table a little girl of six. While he dressed and sterilized, learned the details. In the accident hit the family of four. Father, mother and two : twins boy and girl. Hardest hit girl: the blow had in the right rear door, where there was a child. Mother, father plus her brother suffered almost no damage – scratches in addition to bruises. Assistance was provided on site. The girl has broken bones, blunt trauma, lacerations and major blood loss. After a couple of minutes to get a blood test, and with it the news that a third positive we have now no . The critical question – the girl is heavy, every minute counts… [club169745068|read more at the source]

What ends up ignoring the recommendations of the ambulance….

Exactly what ends up ignoring the suggestions of the ambulance. It was a few years ago. On the ambulance approached by a young guy about the “wound to the leg. Stepped on a nail”. Paramedic first treated the wound with antiseptic and put a bandage and recommended to go immediately to the emergency room for […]

“I have a friend since kindergarten….

“I have a friend since kindergarten. Chicken on the field, but kind and honest. Divorced. And, as expected, in law and the human conscience owed her half of his property, namely polkvartiry in the city centre. Court. From the former a bunch of angry relatives, and important eminent lawyer in horned-rim glasses with a leather […]

Anonymously!A little humor to the ribbon) came Today…

Anonymously!A little humor to the ribbon) came in Today for vaccinations with your child.The pediatrician wasn’t there when she came,as usual asked you,I said to the vaccine.In this moment comes,the grandmother, who is not known in any way at children.advice,they have a pediatrician had a conversation(the grandmother apparently takes place whether med.inspection in some honey.institution,or […]

On 24 MARCH, the DAY of the AUTHOR of the ALTAI RECEPTION…

MARCH 24, the DAY of the AUTHOR of the ALTAI DOCTOR on this day IN 1928, the Soviet born artist Irina Savankova the Postwar period brought a lot of difficulties, hardships and troubles have affected every, but it was the feeling of something new, the celebration of life and the world. Irina Savankova managed to […]

Overheard in the tram: two women Talking years…

Overheard in the tram: two ladies Talking, about sixty years. From the conversation it is clear that both are coming from the clinic, because the whole conversation revolves around diagnoses, tests, prescriptions. And here is one lady complains: “I recently in the bag, put things in order, and then a bag full of all sorts […]

Anonymous I would Like to touch upon the subject of treatment friends….

Anonymously I would Like to touch upon the topic of treatment friends. In the second year of practice in therapy sent us to the emergency hospital. The cardiology Department. Well, you know, Yes-how many injections I/o, and droppers, a Paradise for the green and shaky hands. Gives me m/with chalk plus tells him to go […]

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