Here is a small cry from the heart. Dear patients, please remember…

Here is a small cry from the heart. Dear patients, please remember about the fact that your doctor, especially the surgeon is not the only and main thing in the success of the operation, in addition to it a lot, if not the main, dependent upon the anaesthetist and theatre sister. So when you want […]

Good time of day. I looked through many…

Good day. I saw a large amount of information online, but never found any clear explanation how to write a formal gratitude to the ambulance crew, so I write here. I want to Express my gratitude to 117 brigade 22 of the substation ambulance in Moscow for timely med. help and great attitude!!! I wish […]

History of internetadressen a pediatric surgeon for 15 Years…

History of internetadressen pediatric surgeon 15 Years ago night runs to our infirmary sister from the emergency room. – Patient severe in the second operating! Me, the crew gathered on the table a little girl of six. While he dressed and sterilized, learned the details. In the accident hit the family of four. Father, mother […]

A typical day at the children’s clinic. I ENT….

a typical day in the children’s medical center. I ENT. In the hour of reception of acute patients comes into the office mother and daughter, the girl whines, it hurts. Behind them, paying the door, on the verge of rebellious man: — I do not understand how you then take? Why I am sitting in […]

I want to share! Always with respect for…

Want to share! Always with respect for the medical profession, but alas….. my husband was hit by a car, the Ambulance arrived very quickly, worked harmoniously, were taken to a hospital on duty; tests, ultrasound, MRI, all done, the diagnosis of TBI, hemorrhage, and brain contusion. Exactly on the 7th day he will be discharged […]

History Christinariccin came to us to give birth in…

History Christinariccin came to us to give birth for the third time. And we are confident that she and the third child will write a rejection I once wrote that his “regular clients” are always welcome. Always but not always. The day before yesterday to our Department by ambulance brought Christina. That’s really who we […]

First patient Like change, but not all and not all. And now, eighteen years I go to the same dentist from a small private clinic. His name is Boris. Bob is a very positive budderball, about my age. How old is godly, and he knows ...Continue Reading

my Name is Paul, I met the most wonderful girl in the world, her name was Masha, I even breathe without her, could not. We started Dating and she immediately moved to me and we began to live together. Then got married, I wanted children, ...Continue Reading

Doctor, you are evil. – Justify thing.😜- Hello! That’s me in the intensive care unit?- No, just phoned…😜- Doctor, what did your patient die?- Age.- But he got under KAMAZ…- would the younger – had to run off.😜— Doctor, I have the flu?! — Yes!!! ...Continue Reading

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