Night shift. Call on the knife. Go together:…

Night shift. Call on the knife. Going alone: I am [the driver] and young, but quite intelligent assistant. Come to the address, he leaves. A few minutes later runs out with a cry: “Dima, open the back, get a stretcher! ” No questions asked, popping up out of the car and open the door. Just […]

This appeal to all people that…

This appeal to all people, what is happening now is just savagery. Here the doctors, they save lives. Really, that’s not for you to say, I have not persuaded you. How many operations they perform, how much they go for help when you call, it boggles the mind. Some will say- “they paid for it, […]

Dear doctor! How do you find such news? There are

… Beloved doctor! How do you find this kind of news? Is it the truth? Rosstat: the average salary of doctors in the Tambov region – 50 thousand rubles, Rosstat estimated the average salary of doctors over the past year, reports RT. So , in the Tambov region the average salary associated with doctors amounted […]


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I want to share! Always with respect for…

Want to share! Always with respect for the medical profession, but alas….. my husband was hit by a car, the Ambulance arrived very quickly, worked harmoniously, were taken to a hospital on duty; tests, ultrasound, MRI, all done, the diagnosis of TBI, hemorrhage, and brain contusion. Exactly on the 7th day he will be discharged […]

Ask for advice from you. You doctors that…

Ask for advice from you. You doctors, what do you do in such cases? I put up with six years and will not appeal because of the stupidity of six-year-old – suicide attempt. The long white scars, but wide hands. Health terribly podkashivatsya not going to be examined because most of these scars and suffering […]

recently happened to me in the workplace became ill (fainting and so forth), called an ambulance that happened in my experience for the first time in Russia( I live here, but then it always turns out that an ambulance I have to call when I’m ...Continue Reading

Pick a ring and get it as a gift! 🎁Participate in the contest right now! Luck was on your side 💎Rules are very simple: 1 . Join the group: 2 . Awesomeness ❤ on this post and 3 any other post группы3. In the ...Continue Reading

Read about pregnancy and decided to share my story. Was not allowed to birth unassisted because of retinal detachment. The whole pregnancy went, everything was OK. In all ultrasound all examinations were assured that the child is developing within normal limits. T. K. was not ...Continue Reading

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