In the distant student years I worked in…

Within the distant student years We worked in the emergency room of the hospital. In one of the following shifts happened. Brought to us a young girl, eighteen years old with complaints of lower back pain. Called the urologist, checked kidneys, and everything else on the list — it’s all right. Finally called the gynecologist. […]

– Medicine – usual occupation? So you can…

– Medicine – usual occupation? So , you can be a professional average hands and work on average? — Not, you work with the most expensive – life and health. Doctors are supposed to be the educated, well-read, responsible, experienced, intelligent, decent, honest, understanding, selfless… – So , as the best and should be the […]

About a week ago I felt an unpleasant sensation…

about a week ago I felt an unpleasant sensation and some discomfort in her right ear and rely on the chance I’m not used and gathering all his courage together,went to the doctor. The doctor,after seeing the suffering on the verdict : “a Cold neck!”.Gave me pills and ointment for the neck, which in total […]

I have long wanted to learn to sew, but didn’t know…

Long wanted to learn to fasten, but didn’t know where to start? 😏Learn sewing from scratch, to the level of a professional! Time limits not learn until then, until you pass all homework. The course includes simulation. A brief program of our course: ● Unit 1: the Theory ● Unit 2: Skirt ● Unit 3: […]

“The pipeline of moral cripples” I

… “the Conveyer of moral cripples” I’m a child psychologist, and I’m terribly zadalbyvaet. My biggest problem is the parents of my young clients, who themselves disfigure them. I do not know — that I personally have been “blessed” or in fact almost half of the children, which to the psychologist to send doctors or […]

I went here a conversation about where W…

came in here talking about that, what happened to professional doctors. They had gone nowhere. It was then suggested that the de, go to the end of meduniver a couple of good doctors, and the rest – so , nurses with diplomas. I graduated from med school and work in the specialty. Everyone who studied […]

First patient Like change, but not all and not all. And now, eighteen years I go to the same dentist from a small private clinic. His name is Boris. Bob is a very positive budderball, about my age. How old is godly, and he knows ...Continue Reading

my Name is Paul, I met the most wonderful girl in the world, her name was Masha, I even breathe without her, could not. We started Dating and she immediately moved to me and we began to live together. Then got married, I wanted children, ...Continue Reading

Doctor, you are evil. – Justify thing.😜- Hello! That’s me in the intensive care unit?- No, just phoned…😜- Doctor, what did your patient die?- Age.- But he got under KAMAZ…- would the younger – had to run off.😜— Doctor, I have the flu?! — Yes!!! ...Continue Reading

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