I was 45 and it felt…

I was 45 years old and had the feeling that life is over. I’m just done. I woke up this morning, opened my eyes and could not understand why I had to… I had a registry, when someone hurt me… all to blame… now that’s funny… You start to go down the path paved with […]

Anon. Dear honey. Workers. You resent what…

anon. Dear honey. Workers. You resent what patients are bad. And you yourself admitted his mistake? Error or colleagues? Yes, you are the same people and doing my job, someone good, someone bad. But you have to understand that patients don’t know a lot in medicine. For example my child could not 2 months to […]

Anonymous I would Like to touch upon the subject of treatment friends….

Anonymously I would Like to touch upon the topic of treatment friends. In the second year of practice in therapy sent us to the emergency hospital. The cardiology Department. Well, you know, Yes-how many injections I/o, and droppers, a Paradise for the green and shaky hands. Gives me m/with chalk plus tells him to go […]

Good day! All the doctors complain about patients, and I…

Good day! All the doctors complain about patients, and I will tell my story about the “good” doctor. Sunday he got sick. Green snot and a cough. The child is 3 years. Today after lunch sleep son woke up in tears-it hurts the ear. The clock 15 cents and ENT clinic is not working. Collected […]

A typical day at the children’s clinic. I ENT….

a typical day in the children’s medical center. I ENT. In the hour of reception of acute patients comes into the office mother and daughter, the girl whines, it hurts. Behind them, paying the door, on the verge of rebellious man: — I do not understand how you then take? Why I am sitting in […]

After a sacrifice of fowl.|Leaving the|A|Using} long departure, returned to his city…

Following a sacrifice of fowl.|Leaving the|A|Using} long departure, returned in order to his city to relocate about 2 years ago. Muddied through a Dating site a friend met for a while due to its time limit. It was cool and decided to continue to meet as it is impossible to escape from family ties. A […]

First patient Like change, but not all and not all. And now, eighteen years I go to the same dentist from a small private clinic. His name is Boris. Bob is a very positive budderball, about my age. How old is godly, and he knows ...Continue Reading

my Name is Paul, I met the most wonderful girl in the world, her name was Masha, I even breathe without her, could not. We started Dating and she immediately moved to me and we began to live together. Then got married, I wanted children, ...Continue Reading

Doctor, you are evil. – Justify thing.😜- Hello! That’s me in the intensive care unit?- No, just phoned…😜- Doctor, what did your patient die?- Age.- But he got under KAMAZ…- would the younger – had to run off.😜— Doctor, I have the flu?! — Yes!!! ...Continue Reading

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